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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  March 15, 2015 11:00pm-12:06am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, a fiery end to a school that made a difference in the lives of students who are at risk and have special needs. but even though the building is gone students and staff say the legacy will live on in a new location. good evening. i'm denise nakano. the wyncote academy is a private school for grades 6 through 12. the building caught fire yesterday, but tonight students and staff are talk what is next. nbc 10's doug shimell is live in front of the school. doug, what is the plan for next week? >> well the students and the staff here at wyncote academy knew as soon as the flames were extinguished in the building that they had been in for more
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than four decades, that it was going to be a total loss. >> little did i think that it would be total devastation of our whole entire school. >> reporter: it just seems to keep burning no matter how much water they threw on it. the 130-year-old house that had been wyncote academy since 1973 a safe place for at-risk and special needs students was being gutted by fire early saturday morning. >> we have a lot of kids who have been victims of bullying. so they come to our school looking for our safe place to school is no longer. >> it hit me pretty hard. i mean wyncote was an amazing school. >> reporter: d.j. williams had to see for herself. the ninth grader says wyncote was her savior. >> my grades i was not the best student at my public school. but since attending wyncote, i've been on the honor role for
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two times now. >> not come to school monday or tuesday this week. >> reporter: wyncote staff spent the day telling students that classes would start wednesday at nearby gratz college. >> they're going to become founders of a new chapter. what we have to do is look for the future. >> reporter: they lost 42 years of student artwork and photos and there is no telling when they might be able to come back. but they know they will. >> we will rebuild. we'll create new work and we'll start new memories in a new location. hopefully we'll come back here and rebuild. >> we're going to carry on. wyncote is going to remain wyncote strong. >> reporter: so when wyncote's academy 70 students meet at gratz college this wednesday morning, they kv . live in wyncote, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather.
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>> a cold and windy end to the weekend. the flags along the parkway were flying in the prison tonight. whitney ship ist brittney shipp is here. >> it's going to feel warmer tomorrow because the temperatures are going to be warmer, but also we're not going to be dealing with the strong wind speeds heading into monday. at 6:30 a.m. temperatures at 36 degrees. just below freezing in mount pocono. as we go flute the day, by the time you headhead out for lunch, temperatures at 50 degrees. we'll see temperatures climb pretty close to 60 degrees for tomorrow. we head into tuesday, we drop back down a few degrees for our average at this time of year in the low 50s. so at least we're above average over the next few days. gusting up to about 20 miles per hour in atlantic city. 26 in philadelphia. and up to about 33 miles per hour in the poconos. so our feels-like temperature is a cold night out.
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feeling only like 17 degrees in the poconos. 29 in allentown and feeling like 34 degrees in philadelphia. coming up, i'll go over how long our mild conditions are going to stick around. i'm also tracking a chance of showers. i'll let you know when in my seven-day forecast. a selection sunday celebration as nova is named number one. the villwhu,z wildcats score the top seed in east region of the ncaa tournament. comcast sportsnet's danny pommells is here with more now on 'nova's big trip to the dance. >> they're feeling good. it's like christmas for college hoops fans today. selection sunday. and for villanova, a well earned present. an up seed in the ncaa tournament. villanova earning the top honors in the east. they will play another local school, 16 seed lafayette thursday in pittsburgh here is jay wright on his squad and the draw.
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>> very, very proud of the one seed. that's a great honor in college basketball, you know. everybody fights for it. it's prestigious. that's really the most important part of it. because after that you got to go play good teams. there are advantages that come with that. like you get to play close to home. you play a 16 seed there is a lot of pressure too. and it's something that i think last year we might not have handled the pressure as well. i think this team all year has handled pressure. >> wildcats well equipped to handle. just like christmas, sometimes you get a present you want. sometimes you find a lump of coal in your stocking. that's a case with the temple owls who did not earn a spot. we'll hear from them later. >> as you mentioned, a lot of disappointment on temple's campus tonight. we talked to students still reeling from their selection snub. >> i basically, i just like -- i couldn't even handle it. >> i thought we had a good year. well were fourth in our
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division. and i thought it was kind of unfair. >> i just don't know what to say more about it. it's a shame. >> temple did earn a top seed in the national invitation tournament. they'll face bucknell wednesday. a park in lower merion township takes center stage in a debate over gun rights. protesters held a rally at cynwid park. more on the demonstration. >> reporter: they're trying to get the township to scrap a portion of the local code that says no guns are allowed inside a public park unless you're a police officer. this has caused some confusion. protesters say it's illegal, but the township says they're well within their rights to regulate. with handguns holstered to their hip, gunowners here defy a local law that regulates guns in local parks. >> the ordinance here in lower merion is unlawful and illegal. >> reporter: gun owners say they should be allowed to open carry
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and conceal carry weapons, even on the playground. >> it's just in case. and basically, the firearm is that your insurance policy. you know people want to do bad things to you, it keeps them away. >> the burnham family is here fully loaded. they say that shouldn't scare anybody, that it's a form of self-defense. >> they don't see the positive side and how they can be used in a positive way. >> reporter: organizers are threatening to file a lawsuit against the township even demanding that politicians who support that ordinance be thrown in jail. >> the entire board of commissioners here in lower merion, they have refused to repeal an illegal ordinance. and they are violating the law. >> as they say, take your best shot. no pun intended. >> reporter: commissioner dan burnheim says not so fast. the board will fight any lawsuit in court because he believes parks are not a good place for firearms. >> this is not about the right to own guns overall. it's much more myopic than that. it's protecting our children in
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the parks. >> reporter: and gun control advocates say today's rally is just another sign that second amendment groups will use scare tactics to get their way. >> i think the message that they're sending is that we're bullies and we're coming to your town. they're flaunting a right. i think they're trying to scare people. >> reporter: now gun owners here tell me they're not trying to scare anybody away. as show of good will they actually spent an hour or so cleaning up litter and trash inside the park. in bala cynwyd nbc 10 news. new tonight the driver who crashed his pickup truck into a delaware county home, nearly hitting a man and his infant daughter has been charged with dwi. it happened in upper chichester township just after 1:00 this morning. police say the driver was on burdette street when he tried to make a left on to hidden valley and drove through a fence, two trees, then into the kitchen. the homeowner and his 8-month-old daughter happened to be leaving the kitchen at that moment.
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>> i had some noise under the wall coming to us. i didn't realldañc to run. i just jumped. i was holding the baby. >> police have not identified the driver. the family will stay with a neighbor while their home is being repaired. authorities believe a natural gas leak may have caused the explosion and fire that damaged a home in ocean county. but they're still investigating. that blast happened yesterday morning at a two-story home on sumner avenue in seaside heights. one woman suffered minor injuries. demolition work is under way on historic center city movie theaterabdespite efforts by preservationists to stop it crews tore down huge sections of thewsbp brick wall on stanton street. the chestnut street facade is still intact. it opened in 1928. the fans reached a deal last year to protect the exterior the foyer, and lobby, but that agreement did not cover the auditorium.
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an arrest in the shooting of two ferguson missouri officers. but were the officers the intended targets? what the suspect is saying, next. and a new breakthrough drug for the millions of americans battling bad cholesterol. what this new medicine could mean for one of the leading causes of death in our country. and it will feel like spring tomorrow. how long will the mild conditions last? i'll go over all the details in my first alert forecast.
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following a massive manhunt, police in ferguson arrested a man in connection with a shooting at a demonstration there late last night. the incident left two police officers wounded and rattled the community already on edge. nbc's ron allen has more on the suspect. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: without warning, the shot at least three, rang out just after midnight early thursday morning outside ferguson police headquarters setting off a frantic scene. >> shots fired, officer down. >> reporter: today st. louis county prosecutors say this local man, jeffrey williams aged 20 allegedly fired the shots from a vehicle during what the prosecutor called some kind of dispute. authorities say williams has been charged with first-degree degree assault on the officers. >> so was he involved with the protests? >> he had -- yes.
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he isqpñ a demonstrator. he was out there earlier that evening as part of the demonstration. >> be you don't think he was targeting the police? >> i wouldn't go that far. >> hey hey, ho ho you shoot a gun, you got to go. >> reporter: police called the incident an ambush as protesters gather affidavit the resignation of ferguson's police chief to demand even more sweeping reform. all stemming from a justice department report that accused the police and court of widespread discrimination.6@#pv since the incident an uneasy truce. police and protesters keeping their distance with the community worried about more violence and confrontation. >> i'm asking all the protesters that is here for the wrong reason to stay out of our city. >> reporter: ron allen, nbc news, ferguson. nurses will lobby for safe staffing levels tomorrow in trenton. they'll be lobbying for legislation that would require hospitals and ambulatory care centers to maintain safe nurse staffing standards for all
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patient care areas. three nurses -- 300 nurses and health care workers from all over new jersey are expected to attend. there could be a medical breakthrough for millions of americans with high cholesterol who are at risk for heart disease. new research suggests an experimental anti-cholesterol drug could significantly lower the risks for heart attacks and other heart-related problems. now the study finds the drug significantly lowered ldl, the so-called bad cholesterol by as much as 60%. that's above and beyond the benefit of statins alone. the drug could be approved by the fda later this year. starting today, the government is giving people another chance to sign up for health insurance. it's called a special enrollment period, and the government says it wanted to help people who didn't realize they would be fined for not having coverage. those penalties are part of the new health care law. the special enrollment period runs from now until april 30th.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good evening. as we head into the start of your workweek our temperatures will be warmer than what we saw today, and it will feel a lot warmer because we won't be dealing with the wind speeds that we saw today. cooler temperatures are on the way in the seven-day forecast. but spring is also in the seven-day. look outside right now, partly cloudy skies. temperatures at 42 degrees. because of our wind speeds out of the northwest at 18 miles per hour the feels-like temperature still in the 30s 34 degrees with wind gusts up to about 26 miles per hour. it won't be until 1:00, two income the morning that we start to see these wind speeds subsiding. but our feels-like temperature 17 degrees in the poconos. only 29 in allentown. it f32 in trenton. feeling like 32 in mount holy. 30 in atlantic city. and it feels like 37 degrees in georgetown. our actual temperatures are in the low 40s for philadelphia. 40 degrees in wilmington. it's actually 31 in the poconos, and 38 degrees in redding.
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our satellite radar shots shows quiet conditions. and this will stay as we head into your monday. but it will be on tuesday that we start to track changes. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds, and then we'll look to the north where we see a little weather disturbance that is going to swing through closer to 8:00 a.m. on tuesday. these are going to be on and off short-lived showers, not that widespread either. i guess keep your umbrella handy throughout tuesday. you'll notice everything clearing up as we head into tuesday night. we are going to stay mild as we push into your workweek. our average in the low 50s. 59 degrees the high tomorrow. it will feel like spring tomorrow. it will be a nice day. if you take a look at what happens on tuesday, our temperatures drop back down into the mid-50s. as far as tonight is concerned we will see temperatures dropping below freezing for our suburbs to the north and west of the city. breezy and cloudy. temperatures to philadelphia down to 35 degrees. heading into tomorrow partly sunny and warmer than what we saw today. our temperatures will range between 54 and 60 degrees. your seven-day forecast shows the drop in temperatures
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continue. especially on wednesday. 47 on thursday. and on friday spring officially gets here. we'll see temperatures at 46 degrees. we're tracking a chance of precipitation on friday. heading into the weekend, sunny and temperatures recover close to average. danny pommells with you once again. for temple, march madness gave way to march sadness. the showdown. highlights are next.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports.
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>> the ncaa tournament field was announced today. while there was jubilation on the main lines, there was some disappoint on north broad street. we begin our coverage with amy fadool. >> in fact the villanova wildcats earn their first number one seed since 2006. their excitement was a little bit dampened by the fact he had to play the 16 seed in lafayette, a team so close to their home and a coach that so close to their program. >> hopefully it will appeal to any of our staff and kind of do something different when we try to win a play. i'm sure he is going to make adjustments. and he is an outstanding coach. >> one of the all-time villanova greats. as soon as they won, fran and i check with each other. i congratulated him. he said good luck in the big east tournament. i said i hope we don't play each other. and he said me too. i just had a feeling it was going to be my sister and brother-in-law went to lafayette.
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so we have a lot of friends there. and they're a great team. they're going to be a nightmare to play. >> everyone looks past them but they're a great team. have great experience. they're really disciplined. they execute their style to a tee. so it's definitely not going to be an easy game for us. >> hamlin and his laughfayette league, but it was probably missioned with emotions because he will face his alma mater in pittsburgh. it may be easy for outsiders to look past 'nova's 1 versus 16 matchup because it's an upset that has never happened, the wildcats themselves aren't taking anything for granted when it comes to their quest for a final four. >> all the 64 teams and 68 teams, that's their goal. we're going to take it game by game, and hopefully we get to that stage. >> reporter: and that stage would be the culmination of an already magical season for the wildcats. coveringville negative i'm amy
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fadool, and now here is marshall harris. as the final ncaa tournament matchup revealed the last two at-large teams to make the field, temple watch says its ncaa tournament bubble burst. well, not all the owls. >> well they watched it. i can't watch it. i was walking around the gym. just hoping that i would hear a roar of sorts or my phone would blow up. and then i would know we were in. but it didn't happen. i mean, it's just a long, a long day. just going back through and all the games that we had in a row and stuff like that. just sitting around watching the show and stuff and not hear your name called. it's like a slap in the face pretty much. >> reporter: an rpi in the low 30s. a marquee win over kansas. none of it was enough to keep the owls from having their spot on the big dance card twice a night earlier. >> when you talk about who stole the win by wyoming, it was obviously a challenge.
11:26 pm
and kept temple out. >> reporter: some coaches complain about being excluded from the field. temple's head owl won't be included in that group. >> i've seen that before. and what good does that do you? again, you're in a situation where you can only control what you can control. and for us if we could have had one more win, then we would be dancing. but we didn't get it. but it's an agonizing situation to wonder what's going to happen all throughout this day. so now the angst is over. the disappointment reigns. >> reporter: will may have best summed up the sentiment after learning of the news he was asked how long the feeling of dejection would last. he simply responded that it would, quote, never go away. with the owls comcast sportsnet. going one-on-one with guard.
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we'll be right back. ♪i leave a story untold... ♪ he just keeps sending more pictures... if you're a free-range chicken you roam free. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ two wheels a turnin'... ♪
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lots of irish eyes were smiling in center city today. it was a sea of green up and down the ben franklin parkway for philadelphia's annual st. patrick's day parade. the windy weather was not ideal, but folks who came out didn't let that ruin their fun. >> they got to take it in stride. you just got to dress for it. and if you can't change it. >> philadelphia's parade is the second oldest in the country, dating all the way back to 1771. about 20,000 people are expected to take part in today's event. [ bagpipes playing ] the philadelphia emerald society pipe band led the way into the st. patrick's day mass in center city. archbishop celebrated today's service at 20th and locust streets. ♪ in boston, this year's st.
11:31 pm
patrick's day parade made history. for the first time two groups representing gay and lesbians were included.v6xfú they were boston pride and. the fight has been going on for 20 years. the organizers went all the way to the supreme court to prevent them from participating. a wealthy heir long suspected to be connected to a pair of mysterious deaths is under arrest tonight. did an explosive new documentary build a case against him? next. the new evidence and what it could mean and his connection to our area.
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> he is the infamous heir to one of the country's wealthiest real estate families long suspected in connection with a pair of murders and disappearance dating back decades. now lehigh university graduate robert durst is under arrest. his history includes some strange moments in 2001 in our area. the cross-dressing millionaire jumped bail in texas and made
11:35 pm
his way back to the lehigh valley. he was then arrested for shoplifting a $6 sandwich from the wegman's in hanover township. at the time of his arrest he had $36,000 in the trunk of his car. now as nbc's stephanie gosk reports, durst is under arrest for a much more serious crime. >> reporter: robert durst, heir to a multibillion real estate fortune sits in a new orleans jailhouse tonight, awaiting extradition to california. accused of a murder committed over a decade ago. this from his own brother today. we are relieved and also grateful to everyone who assisted in the arrest of robert durst. we hope he will finally be held accountable for all he has done. christmas eve 2000 susan berman was killed execution-style in her l.a. home. a the time investigators may have suspected the now 71-year-old, but there was no arrest. berman was durst's best friend and confidante. he denies murdering her in hbo
11:36 pm
series "the jinx." >> but they were able to put you in california? >> california is a big state. >> reporter: the documentary reexamines the crime, along with two others the disappearance of durst's first wife in 1982 and the murder of durst's neighbor in texas, raising the question many have asked. could durst have murdered them all? in 2003 a texas jury found durst not guilty in the murder of morris black.@zy he admitted to killing his neighbor and dismembering the body, but argued it was self-defense. >> based on the evidence that was presented to us there was reasonable doubt. >> reporter: now durst faces another murder trial after his lawyers warned him not to take part in the documentary. >> they said it about a zillion times, you can't help yourself. right now you're a free man 100%. you say something inadvertently, and you'll find yourself charged in new york or charged in los
11:37 pm
angeles. >> reporter: the series uncovers new evidence including a letter addressed to susan berman from durst. the handwriting and misspelling look hauntingly similar to an anonymous letter sent to police telling them where to find her body. >> they're going to need something substantial to hang their hat on. is the information and the testimony of inconsistent statements and some handwriting samples enough to convict a person? >> whatever happens in the courtroom, the spotlight is back on robert durst, in part his own doing. stephanie gosk nbc news new york. new information on a shooting investigation in south philadelphia. police say man was shot 11 times on 23rd street around 11:30 last night. he was taken to the hospital in stable condition. so far no arrests. police are looking for the person who shot a man in north philadelphia tonight. it happened just before 5:30 on the 2500 block of ingersoll street. authorities say the 26-year-old
11:38 pm
victim was shot once in the back and took himself to the hospital. he is in stable condition tonight. delaware state police are investigating the discovery of a body at a new castle county beach. they say a person walking along augustine beach in middletown spotted the body this afternoon. an autopsy will be conducted to determine the man's identity and how he died. a carbon monoxide leak in lancaster sent seven people to the hospital. fire officials say it disconnected flue pipe from a furnace filled the home with toxic gas. it was 20 times what is considered safe. two of the victims were in critical condition after being taken to the hospital. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a live look outside at the wind blowing the flag on the aramark building in center city. the winds made it feel extra cold today. but you will notice a big difference tomorrow. brittney, what can we expect
11:39 pm
tomorrow for the start of the workweek? >> temperatures are going to push close to 60 degrees as we head into tomorrow. and then we're going get rid of the wind speeds. it will be a lot calmer than what we see now, with the wind speeds sustained at the northwest with 18 miles per hour. temperature at 42. the feels-like temperature 44 degrees. so it felt like we were in the 30s throughout most of today. as we head into tomorrow, we'll feel almost 30 degrees warmer. 31 degrees currently in the poconos. 38 in allentown. temperatures in wilmington at 40 degrees. by the time you wake up in the morning, it's still going to be on the cold side with temperatures in philadelphia feeling like they're right at freezing. 33 in allentown. by the time you head out to lunch, we'll already be in the 50s. tomorrow is going to be a nice day. it's going to feel like spring has come a bit early. it is in our seven-day forecast. officially starts on friday. but as far as tomorrow is concerned, our temperatures will range between 54 and 60 degrees. partly sunny skies expected with warmer conditions. i'll let you know how long the mild air will stick around coming up in my full forecast.
11:40 pm
in just hours, relief for thousands of drivers who have endured some of the worst potholes in the state. penndot is set to repave city avenue tomorrow the site of countless headaches and flat tires. driving on city avenue from the dell county line into montgomery county and philadelphia a gamble for drivers trying to keep their cars in one piece while crossing on to a stretch of road that is in pieces. >> it's horrible. you try to ditch one and you fall right into another. >> it's a disgrace. the cars can't get by at all. >> winter's wear and tear on the roads left a crumbling mess with deep ditches, with some potholes near haverford road that are three feet wide. >> this is a very, very busy road. it's one of the busiest roads in the state and how they cannot do anything to correct it i don't know. >> property damage someone thing with property drivers hitting the breaks and swerving as best they can. this gas station owner witnessed accidents causing injury.
11:41 pm
>> a fellow on a motorcycle hit that big crevasse down there, flew off the motorcycle. >> calls for repairs are finally being heard. >> fill them. >> penndot's work on this stretch begins tomorrow. penndot crews start their work resurfacing city avenue between the delaware county line and haverford avenue at 9:00 tomorrow morn, and will continue through friday. and you can report potholes in pennsylvania new jersey and delaware by using the nbc 10 news app. use your smartphone or a tablet and let state road crews know about those problem spots. tonight we're learning more about a deadly tugboat accident. it sank yesterday afternoon about a mile off the coast of fire island, new york. coast guard officials say the tugboat captain died after panicking and jumping into the water without his protective wet suit. the three surviving members got their suits on and hung on to life rings after the boat went under. in malaysia two planes burst into flames after colliding in midair. this video captured that crash.
11:42 pm
the pilots were practicing for an air show when they collided. all four were all able to eject in time and landed safely. no one was hurt on the ground. but the crash did damage a home and a car. a hot rod racer in florida walked away from an unbelievable crash going wow, 280 miles an hour. you can see, the car on the right as he approaches 280 miles an hour. the car just splits right in half. now, the rear goes airborne and crashes into a wall. dixon was checked out by emergency crews at the track, but he was not hurt. well it's the winter just won't end. adding up the amazing snow totals for boston next. and forget the pageant gowns. why contestants for miss new jersey are learning to put up a fight. i'm at least tracking warmer weather as we head into tomorrow. we'll get rid of the wind speeds as well. let you know exactly what to expect as we head back to work.
11:43 pm
that's coming up if any full forecast.
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new information on the future of the former revel casino. a hearing on the casino's sale has been postponed after both sides agreed to it. it was supposed to happen tomorrow. on friday, a bankruptcy court judge held off on approving an $82 million deal to sell the casino to a florida developer. she said she didn't have the jurisdiction. learning self-defense all for a good cause. nbc 10 in cherry hill camden county this afternoon where miss new jersey contestants teamed up with israeli krav maga experts to learn self-defense tactics. we caught up with miss eastern shore who said they learned some great real-life techniques to protect themselves. >> we've never done anything like this. we're used to heels and glamour and glitz. and right now we're getting tough and dirty. and really gettin%
11:46 pm
nitty-gritty of the self-defense. >> the event raised money forbe state horizon, an organization that helps victims of domestic violence. another meeting about its plan to bring rail service to the king of prussia area, and they want to hear from you. it's happening tomorrow at the grand ballroom at the grand radisson in valley forge king of prussia. if you can't attend tomorrow's meeting, there are two others scheduled later this month. drivers in philadelphia can expect even more delays on i-95 this week. starting tonight, crews will be doing construction work between the cottman average and bridge street interchanges. at least one lane will be closed between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. each night. now the work is scheduled to end on saturday. well finally some relief at the gas pump. the national average price for a gallon of regular gas has fallen after rising for 40 straight days. according to aaa midatlantic,
11:47 pm
it's now $2.43. that's down two cents from a week ago. it's still much cheaper than $2.53 we were laying last year. in the philadelphia area 2:59. in delaware it's $2.34 and the cheapest gas in south jersey at $2.21 a gallon. singer elton john is leading the push to boycott dolce & gabbana after its founders made comments criticizing same sex parenting. the pair told in an italian fashion magazines said that children who aren't born into traditional families are children of chemistry. he post head would never wear dolce & gabbana again. they suspended the comments saying they're not intended to judge choices made by others. vanuatu is appealing for international support after a devastating cyclone. relief supplies began arriving
11:48 pm
in the south pacific nation today as the government declared a state of emergency. at least eight people are reported dead. after the category 5 storm hit friday night. and people in boston now have something to show for this brutal winter. today it officially became the city's snowiest season on record. about 3 inches of snow fell this afternoon, bringing the new record totals to 108.6 inches. that is the highest snow amount going back to 1872. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> that is a lot of snow. and that puts it in perspective, especially as we head into tomorrow. it's going to actually feel like spring for us with temperatures warming above average. so it will be a nice way to return back to work. i'm tracking cooler temperatures in the seven-day forecast. and spring is in the horizon. it's on the horizon. it's in the seven-day forecast. so that's something to look forward to. for philadelphia right now, 42 degrees. we're seeing clear skies with a
11:49 pm
few clouds. our humidity is at 53%. and our feels-like temperature at 34 degrees. but we're still seeing wind gusts close to 30 miles per hour in our area. temperature-wise in redding, we're at 38 degrees. clear skies in atlantic city at 38. feels like temperatures are a lot cooler than that because our wind speeds are still gusting. our actual temperature in the poconos at 31. 41 in dover. and we're at 41 degrees in wildwood. we will stay mild as we head back to work. our average for this time of year is 52 degrees. tomorrow we'll be above average, close to 60 for st. patrick's day. we'll drop back down a few degrees into the mid-50s with a chance of showers. so i'll show you what that look like as we get into your tuesday. our satellite radar shows quiet conditions. it will be nice and quiet tomorrow as well. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. you can see the clouds passing by throughout the afternoon tomorrow. and then we'll see a little weather disturbance move in from the north. on st. patrick's day, you'll probably need your umbrella. we're just going to see a few as stray showers moving through.
11:50 pm
these will be short-lived on and off throughout the day. as we head into the afternoon, we'll see a little more clearing. not a total washout. i don't want you to be surprised if you see a little bit of rain early on tuesday. as far as tonight's concern, we'll see temperatures drop do you think to 30 degrees for suburbs to the north and west. breezy conditions and also cloudy. for philadelphia we'll drop down to 35. and then tomorrow a range between 54 and 60 degrees. partly sunny and warmer. and then that chance of stray showers moves in on tuesday for st. patrick's day. seven-day forecast shows the chilly day in the middle of your workweek on wednesday. only 44 degrees. so that's well below our average of 52. as spring officially starts on friday. right now we're tracking the possibility of a chance of a rain/snow mix. we'll keep you updated on that. 46 degrees on your friday. heading into next weekend, back to the 50s with plenty of sunshine. well coming up in sports we'll check in on the flyers who couldn't solve the ham burglars. we'll explain. and ryan howard is finding
11:51 pm
his swing in spring training. breaks off another piece, boom. when we come back. thank you, cable for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability - 8 years running. plus, fios has the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. period. see the difference for yourself. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price, guaranteed for two full years! plus, get a $300 bonus with a two-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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welcome back. the flyers' play-off hopes are fading away like mj in his prime. tonight they had a chance to get within eight points for the final wild card spot in the east. the orange and black visiting ottawa. let's go north of the border. andrew hammond. hammond nicknamed the ham burglar. well, not actually the ham burglar. having stick issues. look at this. embree ends up with both sticks somehow. jake voracek. his first even strength goal since december 21st. time running out in the 3rd. milan brings it off the post. no goals in ot. so we go to a shoot-out. cherry hill native bobby ryan cruising in and beats emory. flyers get a point but lose 2-1.
11:54 pm
hammond has allowed two or fewer goals in first 11 starts of his nhl career. check out carey price, who photo bombed this selfie. two fans are trying to take behind the glass in uniondale, new york last night. montreal leads the east with 93 point. so they can afford to have little bit of fun. the phillies are red hot in spring training games lately. they have won six of seven going into this afternoon's meeting with the red sox. howard starting to find his swing again that is certainly a good sign for ryne sandberg's bunch. another day at the beach down in florida. talk about weather envy. chase utley, the base knock to right. 7-4. 2 for 3 with the ribbie. ryan howard go get his album. deep to right and gone. the phillies win 11-4. k the top seed in the east gets to play 16 seed lafayette thursday in pittsburgh to gauge their mind-set heading into the big dance.
11:55 pm
amy fadool caught up with the player of the year ryan. >> once we get to the tournament it's lafayette versus villanova. so we know they're not going to come and thinking we're a 1 team. they're 16. lafayette versus villanova. we started with a couple pitchers. >> and i was going to ask you that. you guys are familiar with patriot league teams. talked to darrun hilliard. that's the team from his hometown. it's almost too perfect. a lafayette win, well, we're going play them. >> definitely. i kind of had a feeling. i literally turned to the coach before they came back from commercial, and i saw we're going get lafayette. that's what ended up happening. it just happens that way. i used to work out with nick
11:56 pm
lindler and coach on their team and coach hammond has been around here for a while. he is always here. >> that's why it's too perfect. because he is a villanova guy. >> it's like the perfect scenario for everyone. that's why we're going to try and focus. >> how badly do you guys want to get to indianapolis? >> pretty badly. but i'm going to keep beating the same drum. we're going have to start one game at a time. if we get there, it will be great. if not, if we play villanova basketball, we'll be happier with that. any clues that march madness has begun. georgia state taking on georgia southern. the follow helps georgia state to the win. but his dad ron is the coach. he ruptured his achilles tendon it appeared so during the team's celebration. they had to lower the basket so he could cut it down. you just can't make this stuff up. that's march madness for you. georgia state drew a 14 seed and will take on third seed baylor. we'll be right back.
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
you can buy just about anything on ebay these days including a community in georgia. becomes somewhat of a ghost town but for fans from a certain tv show it might just be the ultimate collectibles. janet shamlian has the story. >> reporter: except for this train passing through a couple of times a day, this town is all but empty. 45 minutes south of atlanta sits what may be ebay's most, well, unusual listing. the dusty little downtown of
12:00 am
grantville georgia. >> what we've listed it 75% of downtown. downtown is two blocks. and you get all of it. >> reporter: that's right. nine buildings and 25,000 feet retail space for sale. it now has a mere 3,000 residents and a main street that appears forgotten by time. so who would want to buy this place anyway? obviously, it's a fixer upper. well calls have been coming from all over the world. and from as far away as china. it's priced to sell the owner and former mayor says. and at 680 grand, it's a steal. >> it's peaceful. everybody knows the neighbors. you know, it's cheers. >> reporter: well not exactly cheers. but certainly a place people might know. themed from amc's zombie-filled drama, the walking dead have filmed here. >> grab what you want and you go! >> reporter: making grantville a must-see for the show's die-hard
12:01 am
fans. >> so here we are about to hit main street. >> reporter: a tour bus makes regular stops. >> i remember these. i do.jpy remember them. >> reporter: lately, the only people in downtown grantville are tourists. >> we were so close to the area where all of this was filmed that we thought oh, my gosh and my daughter says you've got to go, you've got to go. >> reporter: and now unfortunately the town has got to go. >> can i help you? >> we can't keep track of the phone calls. we have three in the office answering the phone. >> reporter: some call it the ultimate collectible, for zombie fans at least. when the auction begins this month, even he will be sorry to see it go. >> don't ever be sorry. janet shamlian, nbc news, grantville, georgia. >> considering what you get, that's not a bad price tag. $80,000. not a bad week ahead of us. >> not a bad way to start the week. but it does get cold as we head into wednesday. but tomorrow let's focus on that. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. mild conditions.
12:02 am
close to 60 degrees your average. it's 52. so that's a nice way to kick off the workweek as we head into tuesday. a few passing showers on st. patrick's day. temperatures drop back down to the mid-50s, and then wednesday we get a little colder at 44 degrees. but spring essentially starts on friday. >> all right. that's great. thanks brittney. and here is a look at what is coming up next on in-depth with graham bensinger. >> hey, guys this week we sit down with tony hawk, the most famous skater of all time. tony opens up?]m from almost losing everything to video games changing his life. plus why he says the olympics needs skateboarding. all that is coming up next right here on "in-depth". and that's nbc 10 news now. for brittney danny and all of us here i'm denise nakano. have a good night and a great monday.
12:03 am
12:04 am
12:05 am
you are the best skater you've ever been. yet you were severely depressed. >> my competitors would say i'm just happy i got second place. put me on a separate island that i didn't want to be on. ♪ >> tony hawk one of the most successful and famous skateboarders of all time. >> if i didn't perform on my top level, even if i won an event, i would walk away disappointed. >> the 12-time world champion was already considered one of the best in the world by the age world by age 16. and by 21 was at the top of his game. >> the only way you really were


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